Sketches of Verhin

Here are some sketches I am doing of the Land of Verhin which is a common setting for a large part of my writing. Although my overall goal is to write a novel I have been working on short stories set in the same world to help me flesh it out more to get a more authentic feel in the novel. I am hoping to post these short stories up here for you all to read at some point.

I didn’t get as many sketches to a point I was happy with in time, so here is what I am happy to share at the current moment.

This is a sketch of the temple from which our main protagonists, Kemp and Little Star, will be starting their journey.


This one is a little sneak peak at an important character.


I hope you enjoyed these pictures. As always, likes are appreciated greatly.


This last week has been a busy one. I finally got a strong middle for the novel, this week I am going to focus on finalising my plot cards, then I will write the plot out in dot point form. Not a whole lot more to say on the plotting process as my time this week was very limited between work and other projects I am working on.

One of these other projects is a table top roleplaying game system my friend, Anthony, and I have decided to design. We have decided to make a simplified system that focuses on what we love about RPGs and cut out the over bearing rules. I know some people love the deep rule systems, but we just want to have fun. It’s been super exciting to be making this. Maybe one day if we think the system works well enough we will release it for others to enjoy. Our title for the game is “Dungeon Bastards” You play as a…well, a bastard. Here is the little flavour text I wrote for the little rule book we are making:
Your world has met a cataclysmic end, it’s very foundations collapsing, the fabric of your reality has frayed. Alas, you find yourself thrown into the timeless abyss, tumbling and falling through nothingness…until you crashed down into the bowel of existence. Here in a forgotten pocket lays the dregs of things that once existed…a fitting place for you. Like dropped food under a table with no dog to collect them these dregs feaster and grow. A twisted, eerie labyrinth of mystery. A dungeon for…Bastards!


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A Little Writing Getaway

And…my week started with another fire at work! I swear I am not lighting these for an exciting intro to my blog. It’s been a busy and exhausting week wherein my time has been sucked away by unforeseen obstacles. Fortunately I packed all my writing gear into the car Friday morning then set off into the beautiful country after work. I don’t think I need to tell anyone that some time in the country is so much more pleasant after a long week of work.

So there I was, in the country, set up on a table under the veranda. My laptop playing the sweet rhythmic tunes of post rock music, my plot cards spread out, my note pad open and no one around; just the birds and the gentle breeze through the trees…okay, this breeze did occasionally blow a few plot cards around the table, but I was forgiving as it was so nice.

My little outdoor office: outdooroffice.jpg
Don’t worry, all the visible notes have been cut, so no spoilers!

I got all my notes onto plot cards and added a bunch more, I also made a bunch of notes and roughed out a couple of scenes. It was great! Now to sort all these cards into a plot order…


After vacuuming the lounge room floor I got all these cards sorted out and I can see a strong beginning and a firm ending, although my middle is a bit weak. Now I know what I have to focus on. 🙂 I quite like this process of doing a Thought Dump and them making plot cards. I will admit I usually write in a pantser style…well not just writing, but a lot of things in life. So it is a nice change to see the structure at the start.

A little off topic but my parent’s dog entertained me this morning with some video game styled actions when I snuck over to steal food from their house. He looked at his empty food bowl and then wanted outside. As soon as he was outside he turned around and wanted let back in. He went straight to his bowl and I realised it was like he was loading outside then loading back into the house in hopes it reset. After this he went and stood completely still in front of the chair my mum usually sits in and he didn’t move for like a minute, then I realised it was 9AM on the dot when he did move…he totally did a Skyrim styled “wait until 9am to load in the vendor” trick.Max the Attack Troll.png

I know I said in my last blog that I would put some sketches in this post but I didn’t want to bombard the post with pictures, instead I think I will do a sketch specific post next week, stay tuned for that.
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The Thought Dump

Kicking off last week with an evacuation at work…no one harmed, just our new UPS system catching on fire. It was a fume filled arvo in the broom closets we call “Edit Suites” but I survived. My week ended on an enjoyable note with a 8 hour session of the Dark Souls board game to celebrate Straylia Day, late night D&D on Saturday and today I get to write my first proper blog post! All’s well that ends well…right?

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 3.25.06 pm.png

Novel Update: The Thought Dump! The simple process of emptying your thoughts onto paper. I’ve been jotting down all my ideas for the novel and now it’s time to put them onto index cards. Once I have all my ideas on index cards I can start ordering them to get a rough plot line. This should allow me to see what does and does not work, also revealing any plot holes along the way…or at least that is the theory. I also like the name because it sounds like my brain is taking a poop. On top of Thought Dumping I have been working on a few sketches to help with inspiration for the world I am building for the novel. I’ll post some of these up in next Monday’s post.


I’ve also written up a little blurb for you:
The novel is the tale of two friends who abandon their religion to head down a bloody and horrifying path of revenge against a powerful Blood Mage. Kemp is a hallowed gunslinger and swordsman. Little Star is a servant who dreams of being a famous gunslinger. Their God will not let their apostasy go unpunished and the Blood Mage will not be an easy target.

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Next week I will give an update on the plot outlining process and a little gaming video I am working on.