Children of the Whale & Novel Development

Children of the Whale:

Children of the Whale is an animated series on Netflix that I strongly suggest. I am loving the concept and despite the occasional bit of crappy anime humour (which I hate) the show is really quite amazing. The art work is pretty and something about sailing through a sea of sand on an island like vessel called the Mud Whale is just…so cool. I felt immersed almost immediately.

MudWhaleFull1.pngPic: The Mud Whale

Novel Development:
I have been thinking over many aspects of the story and one thing I have been thinking about is the setting for the middle of the story. Building a horrifying place for our protagonists to find. A place that is uneasy and disturbing.
I have drastically changed the the first two chapters I wrote, changing elements in the world, including the station of our protagonists at the start of the story. I’m so excited and eager to follow these characters and I am hopeful that readers will love following their story as well.
When I first started working on this idea it was mostly just the concept of two friends and a grim fantasy world that had it’s share of horrifying things. The one thing I didn’t have was a story. My friend suggested that I only needed to give my characters a simple story if they themselves and the world around them were complicated. So I did. Kemp’s story is one of revenge against those who tried to kill his brother and himself. Little Star’s is a story of change through choice and through her surroundings. The more I began to think about the characters and their stories, the more they have began to compliment one another. The world itself has begun to twist around these themes and everything is starting to feel right.
I have gone from feeling like I have no idea what I am writing about to having a solid tale to tell and that feeling is amazing.

Thank you for reading.

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