Skyrim, Sink Troll, and The Good Place

Look…I’ll be honest. I spent a large part of the long weekend sitting on the couch with Sink Troll playing Skyrim and binge watching The Good Place on Netflix. So this week it is a Tuesday post, but back to Monday posts next week.

I have to say I am really digging The Good Place and the second season has actually gotten better than the first. Definitely check it out if you have Netflix and are looking for something fun to watch.


I did start making some miniature props for my games days, which is something I have been meaning to do for a while now. Getting prepared for the first session of “Dungeon Bastards” (The game system my friend and I have been developing) which I am hoping to start running once I have moved into my new place in a couple of months. Here’s the first door I made…it’s a bit rough but I thought it came out pretty good for a first attempt.


Yes…there is a severed troll’s head in the background. (I work part time in Troll Control…we call it ConTROLLing) Hint, hint, on a project I am working on.

The novel update section:
I am about to start writing chapter 3 now that I have finished plotting and redrafted the first two test chapters I wrote. So excited, now the real fun begins.

Thank you for reading.

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