Another Writing Getaway

I almost forgot to get this blog post done. I have been crawling about my lounge room with plot cards everywhere refining the overall out line of the novel. I decided to remove Little Star’s middle story arc as it didn’t feel like flowed with the rest of the book and then I was left with a hole in time where she was not doing anything…until today!

I was taking a stroll outside today, getting some sunlight and fresh air after being cooped up in an edit suite all morning, when I had a mind explosion! It all of a sudden came to me. I knew where to take her character. Walking really does free the mind to think outside the box.

Overall, my writing get away was lovely, I wrote a little short story and got a fair bit of work done of the plot outline and some world building elements. Below is a photo of my writing set up this time. I was writing inside this time as it was raining.

wtiting get away 2.jpg

Thanks for reading.

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