World Building

So much fun! I think world building is something I have always enjoyed. I used to love writing little flash fiction stories as a kid…which I thought were epic tales at the time. I’d write about my friends and I going on adventures into space or about battle hardened soldiers fighting monsters from other realms. I loved running around the backyard pretending I was in some foreign jungle full of strange creatures. I’ve continued on creating fantasy worlds in any creative outlet I can. I love it so much.

With the plot of my novel roughed out I spent most of last week pondering about the world. Thinking about the structure of the two rival religions. How do they differ? What do they offer their worshipers. Thinking about the environment, the trees and plants, what fruits and vegetables would they grow. What animals would they farm? What animals should I use from our world and what should I create from scratch?

I am using the 1800’s as a time era to model my world around, drawing inspirations from the Wild West movies my grandfather got me into. I’m researching into 1800’s Australian as I’d like to give my world some Australian charm.

Of course then there is the world’s backstory to work on as well. The tale of the true gods, man turning to magic for power and everything that has lead to the grim world where the story is set.

The last thing I have been pondering on is how the magic works in the world. I think this is what has interested me the most. Creating a Magic System that requires sacrifice and horrible acts to grant oneself powers beyond that of a man.

A sketch of me doing some world building:

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