This last week has been a busy one. I finally got a strong middle for the novel, this week I am going to focus on finalising my plot cards, then I will write the plot out in dot point form. Not a whole lot more to say on the plotting process as my time this week was very limited between work and other projects I am working on.

One of these other projects is a table top roleplaying game system my friend, Anthony, and I have decided to design. We have decided to make a simplified system that focuses on what we love about RPGs and cut out the over bearing rules. I know some people love the deep rule systems, but we just want to have fun. It’s been super exciting to be making this. Maybe one day if we think the system works well enough we will release it for others to enjoy. Our title for the game is “Dungeon Bastards” You play as a…well, a bastard. Here is the little flavour text I wrote for the little rule book we are making:
Your world has met a cataclysmic end, itโ€™s very foundations collapsing, the fabric of your reality has frayed. Alas, you find yourself thrown into the timeless abyss, tumbling and falling through nothingness…until you crashed down into the bowel of existence. Here in a forgotten pocket lays the dregs of things that once existed…a fitting place for you. Like dropped food under a table with no dog to collect them these dregs feaster and grow. A twisted, eerie labyrinth of mystery. A dungeon for…Bastards!


Keep an eye out for my promised blog post with sketches of the world I am building for my novel later in the week. If you want to get email updates when I upload new posts use the follow options in the side bar. Likes are super nice too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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