Children of the Whale & Novel Development

Children of the Whale:

Children of the Whale is an animated series on Netflix that I strongly suggest. I am loving the concept and despite the occasional bit of crappy anime humour (which I hate) the show is really quite amazing. The art work is pretty and something about sailing through a sea of sand on an island like vessel called the Mud Whale is just…so cool. I felt immersed almost immediately.

MudWhaleFull1.pngPic: The Mud Whale

Novel Development:
I have been thinking over many aspects of the story and one thing I have been thinking about is the setting for the middle of the story. Building a horrifying place for our protagonists to find. A place that is uneasy and disturbing.
I have drastically changed the the first two chapters I wrote, changing elements in the world, including the station of our protagonists at the start of the story. I’m so excited and eager to follow these characters and I am hopeful that readers will love following their story as well.
When I first started working on this idea it was mostly just the concept of two friends and a grim fantasy world that had it’s share of horrifying things. The one thing I didn’t have was a story. My friend suggested that I only needed to give my characters a simple story if they themselves and the world around them were complicated. So I did. Kemp’s story is one of revenge against those who tried to kill his brother and himself. Little Star’s is a story of change through choice and through her surroundings. The more I began to think about the characters and their stories, the more they have began to compliment one another. The world itself has begun to twist around these themes and everything is starting to feel right.
I have gone from feeling like I have no idea what I am writing about to having a solid tale to tell and that feeling is amazing.

Thank you for reading.

Skyrim, Sink Troll, and The Good Place

Look…I’ll be honest. I spent a large part of the long weekend sitting on the couch with Sink Troll playing Skyrim and binge watching The Good Place on Netflix. So this week it is a Tuesday post, but back to Monday posts next week.

I have to say I am really digging The Good Place and the second season has actually gotten better than the first. Definitely check it out if you have Netflix and are looking for something fun to watch.


I did start making some miniature props for my games days, which is something I have been meaning to do for a while now. Getting prepared for the first session of “Dungeon Bastards” (The game system my friend and I have been developing) which I am hoping to start running once I have moved into my new place in a couple of months. Here’s the first door I made…it’s a bit rough but I thought it came out pretty good for a first attempt.


Yes…there is a severed troll’s head in the background. (I work part time in Troll Control…we call it ConTROLLing)Β Hint, hint, on a project I am working on.

The novel update section:
I am about to start writing chapter 3 now that I have finished plotting and redrafted the first two test chapters I wrote. So excited, now the real fun begins.

Thank you for reading.

Most people don’t believe I will write a novel

I have been very open about starting the journey of writing my first novel. When I tell people that I am writing a novel most of the time people seem to not believe me. They are nice enough to pretend, but they can’t act worth a damn. This is both a little crushing and inspiring. It sucks that people won’t believe in me, but I also want to stick to everyone that doubts me. Thankfully I have one of my closest friends supporting me as always and I get to bounce ideas off of him. Hopefully I inspire him with his writing as well.

I spent most of my teens dreaming of being an author but as high school drew to an end I found a love for filmmaking and went off to pursue that. I’ve recently decided to take a break from filmmaking and focus on other creative outlets. The main one being creative writing. I am also returning to drawing and have an urge to record some music. I have not entirely left the medium of moving pictures behind as I want to look at developing some youtube content.

It sounds ambitious and with a full time job it is…but it is not impossible.

Basically, I wanted to say that I am writing a novel, I have always know I would one day and I believe that day is getting close…not too close, I got to be realistic with deadlines.

Thank you for reading.

If you’d like to check out some of my other work here are some links.
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Some of my Artwork is on my Instagram too: mwefilms

And I will leave you with a Sink Troll meme:
Writing a Novel.jpg

Another Writing Getaway

I almost forgot to get this blog post done. I have been crawling about my lounge room with plot cards everywhere refining the overall out line of the novel. I decided to remove Little Star’s middle story arc as it didn’t feel like flowed with the rest of the book and then I was left with a hole in time where she was not doing anything…until today!

I was taking a stroll outside today, getting some sunlight and fresh air after being cooped up in an edit suite all morning, when I had a mind explosion! It all of a sudden came to me. I knew where to take her character. Walking really does free the mind to think outside the box.

Overall, my writing get away was lovely, I wrote a little short story and got a fair bit of work done of the plot outline and some world building elements. Below is a photo of my writing set up this time. I was writing inside this time as it was raining.

wtiting get away 2.jpg

Thanks for reading.

World Building

So much fun! I think world building is something I have always enjoyed. I used to love writing little flash fiction stories as a kid…which I thought were epic tales at the time. I’d write about my friends and I going on adventures into space or about battle hardened soldiers fighting monsters from other realms. I loved running around the backyard pretending I was in some foreign jungle full of strange creatures. I’ve continued on creating fantasy worlds in any creative outlet I can. I love it so much.

With the plot of my novel roughed out I spent most of last week pondering about the world. Thinking about the structure of the two rival religions. How do they differ? What do they offer their worshipers. Thinking about the environment, the trees and plants, what fruits and vegetables would they grow. What animals would they farm? What animals should I use from our world and what should I create from scratch?

I am using the 1800’s as a time era to model my world around, drawing inspirations from the Wild West movies my grandfather got me into. I’m researching into 1800’s Australian as I’d like to give my world some Australian charm.

Of course then there is the world’s backstory to work on as well. The tale of the true gods, man turning to magic for power and everything that has lead to the grim world where the story is set.

The last thing I have been pondering on is how the magic works in the world. I think this is what has interested me the most. Creating a Magic System that requires sacrifice and horrible acts to grant oneself powers beyond that of a man.

A sketch of me doing some world building:

Sketches of Verhin

Here are some sketches I am doing of the Land of Verhin which is a common setting for a large part of my writing. Although my overall goal is to write a novel I have been working on short stories set in the same world to help me flesh it out more to get a more authentic feel in the novel. I am hoping to post these short stories up here for you all to read at some point.

I didn’t get as many sketches to a point I was happy with in time, so here is what I am happy to share at the current moment.

This is a sketch of the temple from which our main protagonists, Kemp and Little Star, will be starting their journey.


This one is a little sneak peak at an important character.


I hope you enjoyed these pictures. As always, likes are appreciated greatly.


This last week has been a busy one. I finally got a strong middle for the novel, this week I am going to focus on finalising my plot cards, then I will write the plot out in dot point form. Not a whole lot more to say on the plotting process as my time this week was very limited between work and other projects I am working on.

One of these other projects is a table top roleplaying game system my friend, Anthony, and I have decided to design. We have decided to make a simplified system that focuses on what we love about RPGs and cut out the over bearing rules. I know some people love the deep rule systems, but we just want to have fun. It’s been super exciting to be making this. Maybe one day if we think the system works well enough we will release it for others to enjoy. Our title for the game is “Dungeon Bastards” You play as a…well, a bastard. Here is the little flavour text I wrote for the little rule book we are making:
Your world has met a cataclysmic end, it’s very foundations collapsing, the fabric of your reality has frayed. Alas, you find yourself thrown into the timeless abyss, tumbling and falling through nothingness…until you crashed down into the bowel of existence. Here in a forgotten pocket lays the dregs of things that once existed…a fitting place for you. Like dropped food under a table with no dog to collect them these dregs feaster and grow. A twisted, eerie labyrinth of mystery. A dungeon for…Bastards!


Keep an eye out for my promised blog post with sketches of the world I am building for my novel later in the week. If you want to get email updates when I upload new posts use the follow options in the side bar. Likes are super nice too! πŸ™‚